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Hi, I am Agat, a Siberian husky

I am already 14 years old. Most of my life I have spent living in a flat and I could describe it as the life of a 'tower block resident.' One day my lady Ela, who is very good to me, broke her leg. I thought that  I was done for. However, she found this private hotel for animals. I soon became convinced that my fears were groundless. The boarding-house, heated by a fireplace is tastefully prepared and possesses cute rooms (every one with a window). Obviously, this not the case for me as I can lie on the terrace outside the building. The bathroom is always available in case I have to take a shower after a walk or run in the paddock playground in this 20 acre garden.


A dog's family 

Obviously all matters relating to hygiene, walks, food etc. are managed by the carers about whom I am going to mention. Before I start let me say that I have heard them referred to as "a dog's family".


 Ms Asia is in love with nature. She has more than 20 years experience in working with dogs as she is a dog trainer, breeder, exhibitor, cynological assistant and a former manager of a section in the Beskidzki Kennel Club. She understands our psyche perfectly and knows what we need and require.

Ms Asia :)

 Ms Czesia is our "chow" specialist. She always takes care of it so that I and other boarders have meals, fresh water at exactly the right time and a clean room. Ms Czesia is the person who takes care of the morning run, walks and other current needs which may appear. She is the person with whom the terms of stay in the kennels are established. I have to say that Ms Czesia is a woman with a great heart and if needed she agrees, without hesitation, for those not coping very well following separation from their owners, to stay with her inside her house. To tell you the truth I personally take advantage of this privilege when I am in the boarding kennels.

 Finally Mr Romek, we all feel respect for him. In fact you can fear him, but appearances can be deceptive. If we follow his commands he is a kind- hearted person. He also looks after our needs, e.g. runs, walks and fresh water if it is needed. This guy can understand our language, thoughts and behaviour.

Ms Czesia and Mr Romek

 In the end I would like to add that I have got to know several acquaintances in here. It was a nice experience, but I cannot hide the fact that I have not made friends with all of them ( that is our nature), however our safety is maintained by the previously mentioned carers.

 If it comes that your beloved owners have to leave you for some time without their care. I invite you to our kennels My Dream. You will feel safe here, and loved like you are at home.


Joanna Bodzinowska

Krzywa 37 Street

Wilkowice, 43-365


Our opening hours - 7 days a week: 7.00 am -7.00 pm

  + 48 33 445 14 79
  + 48 692 340 188



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