Gallery » Our pets and guests

Dog exhibitor - during selection of the best puppy of the dog show, 2002
Canine cynologist assistant - dog show,1996
Dog trainer – “my group“ after the dog companion exam,1993
Dog carer – at my kennels, 2013
Dog breeder -me with my son Dominik, “daughter” Lora and “grandchildren” Harry, Hogan and Harvest,
Polish Kennel Club activist -encouraging them (with my colleagues) to participate in a dog show
Litter "G", breeding “Strażnik Morgotu”, little Dominik and mum Lora, 1996
International dog show, Warsaw– me and Lora win Polish Champion title, 1995
37 participants of the dog training programme run by me- ready for the dog companion exam, 1995
Dog show, Katowice- me handling Falko from breeding “Oświecona Dolina”, 1992
Hogan i Harry- from breeding “Strażnik Morgotu”
Reportage about my kennels hits the first pages of portal, 2013
Me as an honoured Polish Kennel Club activist
Me and my son Dominik win the first prize in a literature competition, category: a dog in our home